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California Condor Profiles and LIfe Histories
Condor #664 "Poppy"
Sex: Male Hatch Location & Date: Big Sur, 5/3/14 Release Date: Wild fledged, fall of 2014 Parents:  #167 and #190 Local Biological Siblings: None Breeding Status: DECEASED 4/17/2015 Offspring: None
Liberty is one of many chicks that have fledged from his particular canyon, but the first for this pair from that canyon. Oddly enough, this nest site was commandeered away from the pair who had used it since 2008 after the male of that pair mysteriously disappeared (#194). Apparently, this nest site was attractive to more pairs of Condors than had first met the eye. Liberty took to the skies with no problems, the problem came when his transmitter died and he went "stealth" soon thereafter. #753 has eluded us for lengthy periods as a result. Hopefully his parents are proud of his independednt nature! He is certainly free and his name not only represents a national anthem, but our wild hope for a future with freedom for all!
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