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California Condors in Memoriam
Condor #501 Spirit
Sex: Female Hatch Location & Date: Big Sur (laid at the World Center for Birds of Prey) 4/3/2009 Release Date: Wild raised in 2009 Parents:  Biological parents #27 and #139 (foster parents #194 and #171) Local Biological Siblings: #167 and #405 Breeding Status: DECEASED 10/1/2013 LEAD POISONING Offspring: ?
Spirit is another wild-raised chick, thanks to her foster parents, Condor #194 and Condor #171. Since Spirit's first appearance at our feeding areas, it was clear she is not afraid of anything. Regardless of if older condors try to pull out her feathers for feeding at the wrong time or when she strides into our trap-up pen, she shows no fear. However, being overly intrepid can tend to create problems for this plucky condor. For example, one of her wings ended up with a hole after older condors had to roughly put her in her place to remind her of the feeding hierarchy. She is also occasionally seen sitting on the guard rails along Highway 1. We hope that her bold attitude continues, but that it is tempered to fit within safe boundaries so that she can live a long life and raise offspring with the same courageous, but genuinely condor, spirit.

Sadly, Spirit's life was cut short but the efforts continue to build a successfully breeding population of condors in Big Sur.
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