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California Condors in Memoriam
Sex: Female Hatch Location & Date: Big Sur 6/15/2009 Release Date: Wild Raised in 2009 Parents:  Biological parents #33 and #68 (foster parents #167 and #190) Local Biological Siblings: #312 (deceased) Breeding Status: DECEASED 11/17/2011 LEAD POISONING Offspring: ?
Since fledging in 2009 Gypsy was a constant traveler. She hung out in both Big Sur and at Pinnacles National Monument, but she also helped set a northerly travel record when she joined a motley crew of condors at Pinnacles and flew all the way to Mount Hamilton near San Jose. With her adventurous gypsy genes she was constantly finding new places to go. Consequently, she was one of the hardest condors to keep track of in the flock and frequently 'disappeared' for days at a time. Sadly, after one of her extended absences, she was found dead on a private ranch in San Benito County. The cause of her death was determined to be from respiratory distress (aspiration) from an unknown cause.