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California Condor Profiles and LIfe Histories
Condor #664 "Poppy"
Sex: Female Hatch Location & Date: Big Sur, CA, 4/15/2015 Release Date: Fledged in the wild - Fall 2015 Parents:  Biological parents #138 and #84; Foster parents #171 and #317 Local Biological Siblings: #559, #460 (dam only) Breeding Status: Unpaired Offspring: None
When biologists realized that two females, #171 and #317, were nesting they initially thought that there was a male involved. However, upon examining the nest, they found two infertile eggs and no evidence of a male. It is believed that the male of the nest, #242, died shortly after nesting began and the second female came in to assist the widowed female. Biologists placed a camera in the nest, and because of the extremely remote location, the nest was not visited again until late August 2015. The camera revealed photos of a healthy, rambunctious chick.
Check out the time lapse video here:

We didn't see this bird again until we spotted the chick flying high overhead across a beautiful blue sky in October 2015, and hence the nickname, Sky. She remained completely untagged until Spring 2016 when she was captured at Pinnacles. She was mistakenly tagged as another untagged condor, #800, and wore the white tag with a single "0" (see photo). She was eventually recaptured again and now bears a green tag with the number "87".

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