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California Condor Profiles and LIfe Histories
Condor #663 "Junipero"
Sex: Male Hatch Location & Date: Big Sur, 4/30/2012 Release Date: Fledged naturally Parents:  #209 and #236 Local Biological Siblings: #538 Breeding Status: Unpaired Offspring: None
#663 is the second chick to have been laid and raised in the wild by Condor #209 and #236, having been preceded by Condor #538. Both chicks are a testament to spectacular parenting skills and represent the return of wild-raised condors. Not surprisingly, #663 is one of our wildest birds. His took his first flight in the shadow of Junipero Serra Peak, the tallest mountain in the Big Sur coast range, hence his nickname "Junipero". He eluded capture for over a year and we were only able to keep tabs on him if we saw him hanging out with other condors. Since he had not been handled before fledging, he did not have a radio transmitter or identification tag. We didn't even know if he was male or female since the sexes are visually indistinguishable. We were extremely excited when the Pinnacles National Park condor team trapped him for the first time in the summer of 2013. #663 was fitted with a radio transmitter and tag and we used blood samples to determine his sex. Now we can track him and get a better idea of where he hangs out. He spends most of his time along the Big Sur coastline, but he has begun venturing from his natal territory to explore inland areas near Pinnacles National Park.
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