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California Condor Profiles and LIfe Histories
Condor #631
Sex: Male Hatch Location & Date: Los Angeles Zoo (transferred to Big Sur January 8, 2014), 6/21/2011 Release Date: ? Parents:  #328 and #216 Local Biological Siblings: None Breeding Status: Unpaired Offspring: None
Condor #631 was released in the spring of 2014 and the crew named him "Zephyr," which means, "a west, or a light wind." He was given this name because the first flights he took after he was released were short, meandering flights that took him away from the release slope for a couple weeks. After taking it all in for 19 days (and making VWS biologists a little nervous in the process) Zephyr finally made it back to the release site to feed and socialize. Phew! We wish him well on his new journey as a free flying Condor making his adjustment into the flock.

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