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California Condor Profiles and LIfe Histories
Condor #597 "Lupine
Sex: Female Hatch Location & Date: San Diego Zoo, 4/5/2011 Release Date: Spring 2013 Parents:  Foster-reared in captivity. Biological parents; #313, #375 Local Biological Siblings: None Breeding Status: Unpaired Offspring: None
#597 tends to be more comfortable with the familiar and becomes quite agitated in stressful situations. During one of her first trap-ups after release, she regurgitated several times while in the flight pen. Condors do this in times of stress and this reaction serves several purposes. It is a way to off-load some weight when predators approach and the condor needs to take flight. It is also a distraction, since the regurgitated meat that is left behind may encourage the predator to take the free meal rather than pursue the condor. However, after this apparently stressful trap-up, #597 refused to leave the flight pen for several days, despite encouragement from our biologists.

Her egg was laid in the wild by Condor #313 and Condor #375. Due to concerns that her egg may be thin-shelled, biologists swapped out her egg and transported it to captivity to be incubated artificially under special conditions. Her egg went on to hatch successfully and she was raised by foster parents at the Sand Diego Wild Animal Park. She was transferred to the Big Sur release site on 11/20/12 and released with #615 in Spring 2013. #597 is almost always hanging out around Big Sur with her close pal, Condor #615. Condor juveniles usually hang out with condors of their age.

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