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California Condor Profiles and LIfe Histories
Condor #444 "Ventana"
Sex: Female Hatch Location & Date: Big Sur (laid at the Los Angeles Zoo), 5/5/2007 Release Date: ? Parents:  Biological parents #33 and #68 (foster parents #167 and #190) Local Biological Siblings: #312 (deceased) Breeding Status: Deceased Offspring: None
Ventana is the oldest living wild-raised chick in the Central California flock! She is truly invaluable to the condor recovery effort in that she did not grow up in captivity and was raised in the wild by condor foster parents with minimal human intervention. This is a valuable quality in the condor flock and when Ventana raises her own chicks in the near future, her offspring will represent the wildest condors we have seen since the original founders were trapped in the late 1980s.

Ventana also got the benefit of growing up in the first-ever recorded redwood tree nest! She spent the first six months of her life about forty feet off the ground in a giant redwood cavity. As she grew larger, she began to hop and fly from branch to branch through the redwood forest, which was a delight for our field crew to witness! Ventana assimilated into the condor flock very smoothly (it probably didn't hurt to have the help of her big, dominant foster father, Condor #167, and her rather overprotective foster mother, Condor #190).

Ventana tends to spend most of her time at Pinnacles National Park. In 2012, biologists noticed that she started spending more time with Condor #340 at Pinnacles and in the spring of 2013, they had decidedly formed a pair bond when remote observations confirmed the presence of an egg in one of their favorite caves! The egg failed, but this is common for a young couple and it is much more likely that they will be successful parents next year. With the recent loss of five dominant males at Pinnacles, Ventana's mate, #340, is now the dominate male of the park. Let's wish them luck so that Ventana can begin a generation of wild-born-and-raised condors!
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