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California Condor Profiles and LIfe Histories
Condor #251 "Crush"
Sex: Male Hatch Location & Date: Los Angeles Zoo, 5/10/2001 Release Date: December 12, 2002 Parents:  #21 and #40 Local Biological Siblings: #231 Breeding Status: Paired with #222 (historically with #306) Offspring: Biological chicks #603 and #663
Crush did indeed have his eye on Condor #222 for a long time, despite the fact that she was already paired with the more-dominant Condor #204. Crush was seen lurking around their nest and trying to get #222's attention. When it was clear that jealousy was a factor, he was pulled into captivity so that he wouldn't disrupt breeding. He returned the following fall with no problems: he did not attempt to harm the chick and got along fine with the pair, although he still frequently visited the nest. When #204 was severely injured in 2010, his prolonged absence at the zoo gave Crush his chance to pair with #222 and she finally accepted his advances! Despite #204's return to the wild, Crush and #222 stayed paired and had Condor #603 in 2011.

After these events, Condor #306 (a female released from Pinnacles National Park) joined the mix. These three condors, Crush, #222, and #306 formed a sort of trio around raising Condor #664 and Condor #708. Crush and #306 were the parents of both chicks (determined using genetic information), but #222 dedicated her time to help raise both chicks as well. Sadly, #306 died in 2013 (the cause was a strongly suspected case of lead poisoning) and although Crush continued to care for her chick with the help of #222, #708 died shortly after #306 did. We hope that Cosmo and #251 will have better luck next year. Crush and #222 can often been seen flying the Big Sur coast together with #664.
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