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California Condor Profiles and LIfe Histories
Condor #231 "Wild 1"
Sex: Female Hatch Location & Date:  Los Angeles Zoo, 4/30/2000 Release Date: April 5, 2001 Parents:  #21 and #40 Local Biological Siblings: #251 Breeding Status: #209 (formerly paired with #199) Offspring: Biological chick #477
Wild 1 is a nearly ideal condor, behaving much like the original wild condors would have hundreds of years ago. She prefers wild and quiet places and has established one of the northern-most territories in Big Sur.

We were all surprised when she chose Condor #199 as her mate. He was something of a fixer-upper, as he had a prolonged juvenile period in which he spent a lot of time goofing off with his buddies. However, Wild 1 is one of our sharpest condors and she has been an excellent influence on #199. The logic behind her choice became clear as she and #199 transitioned into parenthood. Their nest site is beautiful and very well-chosen. #199 is a very large male and our most attentive father, spending a tremendous amount of time with his offspring. Wild 1 and #199 were the first pair in Big Sur to lay a fertile egg and raise the chick (Condor #477) in the wild. The future of the Big Sur flock and the entire California Condor species relies on individuals like Wild 1. We could use hundreds more just like her!
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