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California Condor Profiles and LIfe Histories
Condor #204 "Amigo"
Sex: Male Hatch Location & Date: San Diego Zoo, 4/28/1999 Release Date: March 4, 2000 Parents:  #6 and #35 Local Biological Siblings: None Breeding Status: Unpaired (historically with #222) Offspring: Fostered #470
When Amigo was first released, he banded together with other condors his age and became especially close with a pair of brothers, Condor #199 and Condor #209. They went everywhere together and Amigo's nickname comes from us calling them "the three amigos" in the old days. In fact, we were forced to pioneer several new techniques to discourage the three friends from some unsafe (and frankly, unintelligent) behaviors.

Unfortunately, Amigo hit rock bottom in 2010 when he was discovered severely injured in a cave near the Southern California flock. He had gone undetected for some time prior and we found he had suffered injuries to his wing, face, and beak. He may have been hit by a car. After he was captured, Amigo was rushed to the zoo for treatment and spent a long time recuperating to full health. Due to his absence and accompanying loss of social status, his former mate, Condor #222, re-paired with Condor #251, who moved into her territory to fill Amigo's gap.

Amigo may have sustained some permanent damage, but he has resumed flying along the Big Sur coastline and highway. He is almost always seen hanging out with his foster chick, Condor #470, and the two have become a familiar sight near Torre Canyon, Grimes Point, and Sea Lion Cove. Although Amigo and his son show off by soaring close to the highway, it is important to not approach them so that Amigo does not have another close call.
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