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California Condor Profiles and LIfe Histories
Condor #190 "Redwood Queen"
Sex: Female Hatchday & Location: May 10, 1998, LA Zoo Release Date: January 19, 1999 Parents:  #5 and #36 Local Biological Siblings:  #311, #405, #501 Breeding Status: Paired with #167 Offspring:  Fostered #444 and #499
A clerical error for Redwood Queen led us to believe she was male for many years (her old nickname was "Slope Slug" since she rarely moved more than a quarter mile from the release slope when first introduced into the wild). When she began displaying female courtship behaviors, we contacted the Los Angeles Zoo and the error was corrected, although long-term biologists on the condor project still have a hard time thinking of her as a female. Now that she has been a foster mother and has started laying eggs, her female status is easier to remember!

As far as condor status goes, Redwood Queen was at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy when she was first released. She was mercilessly harassed by the rest of the flock and forced to wait until everyone else had fed before approaching a carcass. Many years later, she has paired with the most dominant male in the Big Sur flock: Condor #167. Since then, she has reveled in her increased status as Redwood Queen. She laid her first egg with #167 in the cavity of a redwood tree: the first-ever documented case for a California Condor.
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