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California Condor Profiles and LIfe Histories
Condor #167 "Kingpin"
Sex: Male Hatchday & Location: May 6, 1997, LA Zoo Release Date: December 12, 1997 Parents:  #27 and #31 Local Biological Siblings:  #311, #405, #501 Breeding Status: Paired with #190 Offspring: Foster reared #444 (fledged 2007) and #499 (fledged 2009)
During his first seven years in the wild, Kingpin was second in the dominance hierarchy to our oldest male, Condor #164. After #164 died in 2005, Kingpin has been the most dominant member of our Big Sur flock. This means that he gets first choice of food and that he frequently disciplines other condors lower in the hierarchy. He is also one of our tallest and heaviest condors, weighing ~25 pounds.

Kingpin paired with Condor #190 in 2006 and they established a breeding territory that spring. In 2007, the pair started nesting in the cavity of a Coast Redwood tree: the first-ever documented Coast Redwood condor nest. Kingpin shows a preference for secluded coastal canyons and tends to avoid the highway and areas with heavy human traffic. More photos of Kingpin